The Tubes have arrived in Portland…

Now we just need to be able to pay for them. Stay tuned for fundraising efforts, coming soon.


Saturday Training Times Added

By popular demand, and to accommodate people who Wednesday daytimes won’t work for, we’ll be adding regular training sessions on Saturdays at 10 a.m., beginning this week.

Several members of Sea Scouts have begun training regularly with Salish; a big shout out to Elijah for helping the two teams coordinate efforts and cross-train.


Kalling the Kinetic Navy

The Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Skulpture Race is happening this weekend, and we’re once again headed out to help prevent the “float test” from becoming a “sinks and flips over” test.  Don’t laugh, it’s happened.

This is usually a fun time and offers a great way for the public to see what we do in action.   Meet at the boats at 1100 on Saturday October 1. Silly hats are fine, but don’t bring anything that will clog bilge pumps if little bits of it fall off.

UPDATE: Winds cancelled the water course and float test yesterday.  The sculptures will be trying again on Sunday at noon.



Tubes are ordered for RedDuck

Replacement tubes have been ordered from Zodiac for RedDuck.  The tubes need to be made in the Zodiac factory in France, so it’s unlikely we’ll have them in hand in time for Wooden Boat Festival.  We’ll be fundraising throughout the summer to pay for them – stay tuned for a link to donate.

RedDuck has served the program well; her current tubes date back to 2004, and there are only so many times you can patch the patches.  When the new tubes arrive, she’ll become an “organ donor” with shiny red hypalon from her (un-sunbleached) inner tube surfaces, ready to patch some of the other boats as needed.