Salish Rescue has a number of organizational goals, all of which support our larger mission.

  • Operate a rescue vessel with trained personnel to respond to any water related emergencies in the north sound area. We coordinate with USCG, local EMS and law enforcement. We are frequently the first responders on the scene, and are often tasked by public agencies for rescues they don’t have resources available to respond to appropriately.
  • Provide personnel and vessels to assist in the safe conduct of water related public events.
  • Train vessel operators and support personnel to work with educational and recreational programs, such as school programs, yacht club events, marine biology research, etc.
  • Train and certify program members for maritime and water-related job skills.
  • Provide emergency training to both program members and the community as a public safety service.
  • Public education and safety initiatives to encourage safe and sustainable use of maritime resources.
  • Assistance to other maritime education, protection and conservation agencies
  • Assist in the establishment and support of community based rescue programs in other areas.
  • Develop and maintain a response vessel and team for out of the area emergencies.

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